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Handwoven by Design
Alice Noyes from Ft. Walton Beach, FL.
A fiber artist who specializes in hand-woven baskets, some comprised of 80%-95% local palm and palmetto leaves.
    LoKo Flutes
Loren Kohler from Havana, FL
First place winner of the Native Rhythms Festival 2016 Flute Makers competition, carries handcrafted products by Marsha Kaye ( flute bags, flute frocks, totes, rattles, shakers, etc.
Trailwalker Crafts
Dean & Tanya Morrison from Springville, AL
Buckskin purses, pouches, moccasins, jackets, chokers, braid wraps, tomahawks, quivers, dance sticks, sage, and herbal teas.
  Flight Feather Flutes
Utah Farris from Lake Wales, FL
Flute maker who strives to make his flutes worthy of being called art, with a clear sound and feeling like no other instrument.
  • That's Leather And Beads
Barbara Moore from Morristown, TN
Hand-painted leather jewelry, dream catchers and medicine wheels crafted in the trational manner, and off-loom beadwork.
  DeLuna Arts
Paul DeLuna from Port Richey, FL
A self-taught artist who has worked with Native American and wildlife subject matter for years, selling original artwork, prints, photography and hand-made crafts.
  • Yanko Enterprises
Allan Yanko from Hudson, FL
Flutes, drums (Native American and African style), carved antler and bone, dream catchers and other Native crafts.
    • R & R Collectibles
Becky Meyers from Green Acres, FL
High-end Native American jewelry, pottery, beadwork, dolls, baskets.
  • Ospreywoman Enterprises
Debra DeSouza from Destin, FL
Folk art dolls, ornaments and hand-made necklaces.
    • Rosey's Sweets & Treats
Tisha Maraj from Navarre, FL
Specializing in fresh-squeezed lemonade and hand-hopped kettle corn in many different flavors.
Willow Creek Woodcraft/Hi Desert Flutes
Peter Churcher from Birchwood, TN
Making many different types of Native American Style Flutes Since 2009.
  RedHanded Trade
Pamela Bennett from Chatsworth, GA
Prehistoric Moundbuilder designs on gourds, drums, tees, Native American books, ribbon shirts, shawls, stomp skirts and botanical smudge items.
  • The Art Of Beads
Sheri Levitus from Mary Esther, FL
Featuring beaded Jewelry and art.
    • Native Pueblo
Anton Martinez from Jacksonville, FL
Silver rings, sage, cedar, copal incense, fetishes and jewelry.
  • Frazier Sculpture And Flutes
Terry Frazier from Del City, OK
Maker of flutes, hand-shaped so that no two are exactly alike. Also a carver of wood and cactus sculptures, and a maker of music bags.
    • Native Andes
Jaime Chavez from Canton, OH
Hand-woven tapestry, wool jackets, ponchos, and traditional South American Andean music and musical instruments.
  • Nikki's FryBread
Nikki Crisp from Cherokee, NC
A family recipe that has been passed from generation to geneeration; her frybread is known nationwide as one of the best ever.
    • Sacred Hawk Traders
Mark & Cynthia Kenney from Montgomery, AL
Buyers and sellers of beautiful Southwestern jewelry.
  • Inner Mountain Stones & Woods
Sandie Buttry from Pontiac, IL
She works with natural elements to create unique works of art, such as wire-wrapped jewelry, twisted walking sticks, antler gourds, etc.
  4 Winds Flutes
Brad Young from Stuarts Drift, VA
Wooden flutes, ranging from High Am to Sub Bass Dm. Styles include single bore, double bore (drone), triple bore, walking stick flutes, bird head flutes and side blown flutes.
  • Dock Green Silverhawk
Who performs at Musical Echoes every year, and won our very first Flute Players Competition - will be selling beautiful, classic, Native American flutes.
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