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General Players Competition Information and Guidelines:

Please Read Carefully!!


• The fee to enter the competition is $20

• Each person wanting to participate must submit a Players Competition APPLICATION and $20 FEE. You may submit an application at any time, but please note that ONLY 8 APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED! Applications will be accepted on a FIRST COME/FIRST SERVED basis. APPLY EARLY! Deadline for application submission is 10am on April 26, 2015, assuming there are slots still available. Registration will close as soon as we have reveiced 8 applications.

There will be only 1 playing competition category: Solo – Electronic enhancement, accompaniment, reverb, or any other type of effect is not permitted. The flute playing must be “dry,” although it will be amplified for the competition. Multi-chambered flutes are NOT allowed.

Contestants will be expected to perform at the Musical Echoes Native American Gathering and Cultural Event in Ft. Walton Beach, FL, on Friday, April 26, 2015, for a panel of judges.

What you will need to do: Each contestant will perform live on stage for a panel of judges. Each contestant will be required to perform 3 songs. These songs will consist of 1: a slower, more lyrical-style piece, 2: a faster, more rhythmic-style piece, and 3: Amazing Grace. Each song is limited to 2 minutes in length. The songs can be prepared, or improvised. The choice is up to the contestant.

What will happen: Each entrant will perform his “slower/more lyrical” selection. Once all contestants have played the first song, then each contestant will play his “faster/more rhythmic” selection. Then each contestant will play his own version of AMAZING GRACE. Each piece should be no longer than 2 minutes in duration. Different flutes may be used for each song, however, only 1 flute per song can be used (no changing flutes mid-song, or playing 2 flutes at the same time).

Competition Rules: (Please read carefully. Not adhering to the rules of the competition will be grounds for disqualification)

• No sacred tribal songs.

• Native American-style wood or cane flutes are to be used in competition. Multiple chamber melodies are NOT allowed. A multi-chamber flute can be used as long as the bird is removed from one chamber, and the judges only hear sound from the remaining 1 chamber.

• Applications and fees must be received by 0am on Friday April 24, 2015. THERE WILL ONLY BE 8 APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED.


• Application fees are not refundable.

• Judges, Musical Echoes Board members, 2015 Musical Echoes paid guest artists, and immediate families of the above are ineligible to enter the playing competition.

• All contestants are responsible for their own expenses, including accommodations and transportation.

• Alcohol possession and/or consumption is prohibited at this event. Anyone violating this rule will be disqualified and asked to leave immediately.

• All decisions of the judges are final.

• We congratulate any contestant who chooses to release a CD at Musical Echoes, but we require that such activities do not interrupt or conflict with any official Musical Echoes' events. In addition, any CD release by a contestant can only occur AFTER the Playing Competition. This is necessary in order to protect the integrity of the competition.

All of the 8 contestants entering the competition will receive the exclusive handmade Musical Echoes pewter flute necklace.

Flute Players Competition Awards
  First Place: $150
  Second Place: $100
  Third Place: $50
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