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To all our Supporters and Friends:

As the Musical Echoes Flute and Art Festival Board of Directors celebrated our highly successful 2015 event and began to plan for follow on activity, we realized that we will need, as a minimum, to skip 2016. It is not clear whether we can hold another festival beyond 2015 as several of our long-term Board members and planning committee members are retiring and cannot easily be replaced.  We are finding it difficult to accomplish another great Musical Echoes Festival of the high caliber to which we have become accustomed.  We so much appreciate all the support we've had over the years from our performing artists, vendors, volunteers, and Board and planning committee members, and especially the Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce and the City of Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

This cultural event held at the Fort Walton Beach Landing for 15 years has become a part of our local, national, and world-wide community and it is with regret that the Board of Directors makes this announcement.  

This festival was created by two local shopkeepers, David Baxter and the late Douglas Reed. These dedicated individuals worked very hard to coordinate the event since 2001.  A small group of committee members, who are also volunteers, dedicated their time working to help create and accomplish the festival so successfully year after year. Unfortunately, the commitment of time and effort, and of course funding, required to produce a festival of this size and caliber cannot currently be sustained. The corporate Board of Directors will continue to meet periodically to decide if and how to move forward.  We remain dedicated to educating and sharing the Native American Indian culture and arts with the community.  

We will retain for the time being, the non-profit corporation, the web site, and the Facebook page as we wrap up the highly successful 2015 festival activity and hold any discussion necessary concerning our decision to not have a festival in 2016.  

Thank you all so very much for your attendance, support, participation,
vending, volunteerism, and prayers as we accomplished this event for 15 highly successful years.  We wish each and every one of you the very best. Keep fluting!  

For additional information, please contact

The Board of Directors
Musical Echoes Flute and Art Festival
Fort Walton Beach, Florida


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